Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Donald Trump is helping romance

The Sacramento Bee managed to get a headline totally backward:
How Donald Trump is killing romance
Nope. President Trump is helping romance, and thinning the herd of its liberal wackos.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Call the wambulance for CNN

CNN can dish it out, but CNN cannot take any criticism.

The network's in-house apologist -- Sniffles Brian Stetler -- wrote that President Trump was being mean for calling the network Fake News after it ran Fake News last week and libeled a Trump official -- again.

Canada isn't taking rejected refugees

When President Trump signed a 120-day moratorium on refugees (as well as a 90-day halt on visas from six war-torn countries and Iran) Canada's prime minister vowed to take them.

That was a lie.

NYT recycles old positive news as a scandal

Fresh from libeling Sarah Palin in an editorial, the New York Times breathlessly reported this morning:
Trump Campaign Chief’s Firm Got $17 Million From Pro-Russia Party
So? Clinton's 2008 campaign strategist took millions in the same election. Gore's too. The election was in Ukraine, not Russia.

Politico reported on this eight years ago.

Media cries for CNN

CNN's retracted story last week was a national embarrassment to journalists.

Sadly, the grown-ups of the trade have not stood up for the truth and spoken up against this nefarious spread of Fake News, once again, by CNN.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Palin sues NYT (UPDATED)

Six years after the fact, the New York Times falsely and maliciously blamed Sarah Louise Palin for the shooting of Democratic Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. (Post updated at the end.)

The libel occurred in an editorial -- even though the New York Times itself had, in its news pages, reported that the shooter was a nutball who had nothing to do with Palin.

She's suing. And guess what? She has a case and she and her lawyers can have a field day in discovery and deposition.

Trump doesn't lie about Muslims. Lefties upset

President Trump skipped hosting an end-of-Ramadan dinner. The Left is alarmed.

Wrestling's newest villain: Progressive Liberal

In my youth, pro wrestling had great villains. Nikolai Volkoff.  Sgt. Slaughter. The Sheik. And my favorite of all, The Iron Sheik, Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, the 1983 WWF World Heavyweight Champion.

So welcome the latest wrestling heel -- the Pajama Boy from Paducah -- Progressive Liberal.

Fake News complains when people call it CNN

Jeff Zucker, head of CNN, looks like Baghdad Bob

And Zucker sounds like him, too.

Hannity: Bring me the head of CNN

The price for failure in regicide is one's own head.

Figuratively, that should be the price Jeff Zucker pays for six months of CNN pushing Fake News about a non-existent connection between Russia and President Trump

Monday, June 26, 2017

Three news fakers depart CNN

CNN retracted its Fake News about White House officials being investigated by both the Senate and Treasury department. When it retracted that Fake News, I wrote:
Who got fired?
For until CNN starts firing someone for all this Fake News it peddles, CNN will continue to peddle Fake News.

New cover for "Trump the Press"

What do you think of it?

Any suggestions?

Republicans better start working with Trump

Democrats are in retreat following Comey calamitous testimony, and the voter rejection of about $50 million worth of their campaign ads in four congressional districts.

Now Republicans worry that they are blowing it.

Court to Trump: Go ahead and protect the borders

The Supreme Court showed it still has enough sane members to preserve our democratic republic.

The court rejected the crackpot theory that there is some sort of right to come to America no matter how likely it is that you may blow things up.

The Resistance pansies

Headline of the day:
Actor who played assassin of Trump-like Caesar tells of cast 'exhaustion and fear'